Surface Power

The Surface Power focus area will develop technologies to supply continuous power throughout day and night for lunar surface missions. This requires the development of technologies like power generation (fission surface power, adaptable lunar lander solar array systems, Chemical Heat Integrated Power Source (CHIPS), and Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) energy. The group will conduct a phased, system level assessment of power architecture for lunar surface missions. Additional topics for consideration include surface-to-surface power beaming, advanced rover energy storage technology, and power distribution architectures.

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September 2020 Telecon

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July 2020 Telecon

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Kickoff Telecon

The kickoff telecon for the Surface Power Focus Group was held on Thursday, June 25.

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September Telecon

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July Telecon (07/23/2020)

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Kickoff Telecon

The kickoff telecon for the Surface Power Focus Group was held on Thursday, June 25.

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APL Facilitator

Wes Fuhrman

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Dr. Wesley Fuhrman is an early-career APL scientist passionate about the interface between public and private science, with active research in remote sensing and materials by design. Wesley earned his PhD from The Johns Hopkins University focused on advanced spectroscopy of correlated topological materials, involving techniques such as elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, neutron spin echo, prompt-gamma activation analysis, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, etc. Following this, he was an inaugural Schmidt Science Fellow, a program in partnership with the Rhodes Trust which builds interdisciplinary skills that cross boundaries between academia, industry, and government. Materials expertise spans synthesis (including uranium chemistry), characterization, spectroscopy, and theory of strongly correlated and topological materials.

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