LSIC's ISRU Networking Focus Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Venue: Virtual

ISRU Focus Group,

Our networking Focus Group meeting will be 3:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, June 16 (for Zoom information you must be registered at to receive listserv emails).

This next focus group (FG) meeting will be dedicated to networking, and we are offering an opportunity to promote and inform the FG about yourself via 1-min videos that you would make and send to us for disseminating to everyone in the group. To sign up for one of 25, 1-minute video speaking slots, sign up here by Tuesday, June 1 (you will need a Confluence wiki account to do so -- to get one e-mail and request AFTER registering as instructed above).

This is non-binding intent that you plan on submitting a video, for our planning purposes. Next, everyone (regardless of signing up for a 1-min video slot not) needs to provide feedback on the level of interest for the proposed video. Use the “like” feature to up-vote other people you’d like to hear. SBIR winners are especially encouraged to sign up for 1-min video slots. Don’t be discouraged from signing up if you see there are more than 25 previously signed up. If we get well over 25 sign-ups, it means there is demand, and we could do another of these sessions.

If you are selected for a 1-minute introductory video for you and your organization, and what you’re looking for in networking connections with others, we will contact you separately about uploading it. We will edit together each of the 25 videos into a single 25-minute video that will be sent around (or made available on Confluence) to be watched at everyone’s leisure before the next FG meeting.

The bulk of the Focus Group meeting will be to spend time in Zoom breakout rooms talking with others. Some themes for discussion could include:

  1. Scouting for water in PSRs
  2. Processing water from PSRs
  3. Oxygen from regolith
  4. Partnerships between small and established organizations
  5. Earth-based Facilities

Assignments will be random, but after spending some time in your group, you have the option of leaving for different breakout session. At the end of the networking session, please send us feedback on its effectiveness. If you make meaningful connections, we’d like to hear about it! Send one of us an email and we’ll collate them to track the effectiveness of networking.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Time: June 16th, at 3 pm EDT

Location: Virtual

Meeting Link:

For issues connecting, please contact Andrea Harman at