Lunar Simulants

Lunar Simulant POC

Karen Stockstill-Cahill

APL Lunar Simulant Assessment

APL Lunar Simulant Assessment (2020)

This assessment of lunar simulants was performed at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Its purpose is to share information about existing lunar simulants that may be used in technology development efforts for lunar surface operations. The report is preliminary and will be updated as further work is completed.

Lunar Simulant User Needs Survey

If you plan to use lunar simulants in your technology development, please fill out the LSII Lunar Simulant User Needs survey. The primary purpose of this survey is to gain understanding of the lunar regolith simulant needs for the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate's (STMD) Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative (LSII) projects and test facilities. Lunar simulants will be needed for development and testing, as well as verification and certification of hardware systems associated with operations on the lunar surface. Your input will assist the simulant developers in determining when and what types (fidelities) and quantities of simulants will be needed. This survey is also being used to gauge simulant needs of other programs and projects, such as Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS), Orion, Gateway, and Human Landing Systems (HLS).

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