Becoming an LSIC Member Institution

Is your institution interested in becoming an LSIC Member Institution? Please see details for application, qualification, and benefits below.

Qualification as a Member Institution

While any individual can sign up to be an LSIC participant, only organizations recognized by peers in the space and lunar technology development community are invited to become LSIC Institutional Members. There is no fee or other obligation associated with joining. Member institutional must provide a primary organizational point of contact, and will have their logo and website included on LSIC's official membership institution page. The goal of the LSIC Institutional Membership status is to provide visibility, recognition, and prestige to those organizations actively engaging within the LSIC to strengthen the community and help achieve its goals to the wider academic, industrial, nonprofit, and governmental communities.

Member Institution Benefits

  • Preferential attendance for some organization attendees at LSIC meetings with limited in-person attendance (only limited depending upon facility characteristics or any present health restrictions)
  • Access to a 'rolodex' of contacts of other institutional members
  • Consideration of the member institution's home locality/facility as a potential sites for official LSIC events such as the Fall Meeting, workshops, etc.
  • Inclusion and/or prioritization for site visits by LSII/LSIC personnel
  • Prioritized for features in LSIC's monthly newsletter "Member Spotlight"
  • Eligibility to participate in LSIC's Mentorship program as a mentor or mentee for other emerging institutions and businesses (individual mentorship of students, interns, etc. do not require institutional membership)
  • Recognition on LSIC's website as an institutional member
  • Potential consideration for participation in LSIC sponsored outreach or events, including LSIC-sponsored booths at meetings, events, etc.

Methods of Application and Acceptance as an LSIC Member Institution

An organization interested in being a candidate for institutional membership may volunteer to be recognized for this status at anytime. These organizations will be taken to the LSIC Leadership for evaluation and a vote for acceptance/declination by the LSIC Executive Committee. If the LSIC Executive Committee determines that an organization does not fit the criteria to be considered an institutional member, the organization may reapply after a period of one year for reconsideration. Note that there may be some delay in formalizing membership due to the large number of participating institutions.

Criteria for Removal of Member Institution Status

  • If individuals of a member institution violate the code of conduct (for instance by abusing their access to the rolodex) the point of contact for the institution will be asked to remedy the situation, and if it continues, institutional membership may be revoked.
  • If a member institution is no longer active at some level in LSIC (during the period of 12 months), LSIC staff will attempt to contact the Member Institution point of contact regarding their current willingness to be involved. If they choose to no longer be involved, or cannot be contacted within within a reasonable amount of time (a period of 1 month), LSIC Leadership will determine the institution no longer wishes to be an LSIC Member Institution. Subsequent to this determination the institution's logo and link will be removed from the LSIC website, since LSIC can no longer claim the organization is active.