Lunar Simulants

Lunar regolith simulants are required to fully test technologies under relevant lunar surface conditions and will be an integral part of our return to the Moon. Since the testing procedures developed by the community may have a range of desired simulation characteristics, a variety of lunar simulants are required to completely replicate various characteristics of the lunar regolith (e.g., geochemical, geophysical, geotechnical properties, etc.). The Lunar Simulant Assessments provide an independent evaluation of lunar regolith simulants to help inform decisions of the community in selecting lunar simulants for experiments and/or testing.

Lunar Simulants is now a part of the Crosscutting Capabilities Focus Area.

January 2024: Joint Extreme Access, Extreme Environments, and Dust Mitigation Telecon

January 2024: Lunar Surface Working Group Speaker Series

November 2023: Lunar Simulants WG Speaker Series

Speaker: Dr. Ross Kovtun


September 2023: LSWG Speaker Series


June 2023: Lunar Simulants - Monthly WG

Speaker: Dr. Doug Richman


November 2022: LSIC Fall Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Steve Robinson

May 2022: LSIC Spring Meeting

Speaker: Robert D. Cabana

April 2022: MOSA Working Group

Speaker: Chad Thrasher

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