The LSIC has established the Interoperability working group (WG) to collect community feedback on lunar interoperability and lunar exploration. The WG works with all six focus groups to gather feedback and connect communities to promote lunar interoperability discussions.

APL Staff

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James Mastandrea

Interoperability WG Lead

Kristin Jaburek

Interoperability WG Systems Engineer


  • Determine which lunar systems and technologies could benefit from interoperability
  • Compile existing interoperability efforts, and identify overlap and gaps
  • Host community interoperability presentations
  • Perform system decompositions to find critical interfaces & what requirements are needed to ensure interoperability

September 2023


JOINT Surface Power & IO - Monthly FG Meeting

Jeff Csank

June 2023


Interoperability- Monthly WG202

David LaBranche

May 2023


Interoperability- Monthly WG

Ben Pearson

April 2023


MOSA - Monthly WG

Travis Thompson

February 2023


MOSA - Monthly WG

Jaret Matthews

January 2023


Joint MOSA + EA - Monthly WG

December 2022


MOSA - Monthly WG

Wesley Powell

September 2022


Surface Power + MOSA - Monthly FG

July 2022


MOSA - Monthly WG

June 2022


MOSA - Monthly WG

April 2022


MOSA - Monthly WG

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