In Situ Resource Utilization

The In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Focus Area (FA) will advance technologies for the collection, processing, storing, and use of material found or manufactured on the Moon. In addition to component technologies, the ISRU FA will examine the system-level challenges to achieving ISRU. Examples of topics to be explored include collecting and purifying water on the lunar surface, extracting oxygen and metals from lunar regolith, and the engineering/knowledge/integration challenges in achieving lunar ISRU at scale.

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Anthony CoBurger


Karl Hibbitts

LSII ISRU Systems Integration Lead

Jodi Berdis



Goals of the LSIC-ISRU FA include identifying current technologies, critical challenges, and technology development needs related to lunar ISRU.

LSIC-ISRU currently concentrates on facilitating communications between FA members, and dissemination of information into the FA and between members. Government, academia, non-profits and private industry perspectives are melded together to enable FA members to develop a clearer path for the development and deployment of their lunar ISRU technologies.


  • Monthly meetings featuring a variety of styles (discussions, "working"-style, guest speakers, etc.)
  • Periodic larger meetings to address specific major objectives, including joint telecons with other FAs, extended telecons, and full-day workshops.
  • Networking opportunities and opportunities to collaboratively assess current technical and/or knowledge gaps in lunar ISRU technology development.

Reference Information

August 2024: Joint Crosscutting/ISRU/Excavation & Construction Telecon

July 2024: ISRU Monthly Telecon - July

June 2024: ISRU Monthly Telecon - June


May 2024: ISRU Monthly Telecon - May


April 2024: ISRU Monthly Telecon - April


March 2024: ISRU/CC Joint Monthly Telecon - March


February 2024: ISRU Monthly Telecon - February


December 2023: ISRU - December Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Vlada Stamenkovi


November 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Kathryn Hadler


September 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG

Speaker: Danielle Mortensen


June 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Süleyman Salihler (Polimak)


May 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Richard Wainner


March 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Karen Stockstill-Cahill


February 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting


January 2023: ISRU - Monthly FG Meeting

Speaker: Lior Rubanenko


November 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG


November 2022: LSIC Fall Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Steve Robinson

October 2022: In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) - Monthly FG


September 2022: In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) - Monthly FG


August 2022: NASA-APL ISRU Technology Review

August 2022: In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) - Monthly FG


July 2022: In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) - Monthly FG


June 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG

May 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG

Speaker: TBD


May 2022: LSIC Spring Meeting

Speaker: Robert D. Cabana

April 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG

Speaker: Clive Neal (UND) & Trent Hare (USGS)

April 2022: MOSA Working Group

Speaker: Chad Thrasher

March 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG

Speaker: Holly Brown (ASU) and Rosario Gerhardt (GIT)

February 2022: Regolith to Rebar: ISRU - E&C Metal Workshop

February 2022: ISRU - Monthly FG


January 2022: ISRU Monthly FG


December 2021: ISRU Monthly FG Meeting


December 2021: ISRU + SP Joint Meeting

November 2021: LSIC ISRU Monthly FG


November 2021: Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium Fall Meeting

October 2021: ISRU - Monthly FG


September 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


August 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


July 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


June 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


June 2021: LSIC's ISRU Networking Focus Group Meeting

May 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


April 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


March 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


February 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


January 2021: ISRU Monthly FG


December 2020: ISRU Monthly FG


November 2020: ISRU Monthly FG


October 2020: Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium Virtual Fall Meeting

Speaker: Jim Bridenstine

September 2020: ISRU Monthly FG


September 2020: ISRU Supply and Demand Workshop

August 2020: ISRU Monthly FG


July 2020: ISRU Monthly FG


June 2020: ISRU - Monthly FG

Speaker: Süleyman Salihler (Polimak)

February 2020: Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium National Kickoff Meeting

Speaker: Steve Jurczyk

Jodi Berdis

Anthony CoBurger

Karl Hibbitts

Michael Nord

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