LSII Initiative and Leadership

Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative

The NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate’s (SpaceTech) Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative (LSII) aims to spur the deployment of technologies needed for lunar surface exploration and accelerate the technology readiness of key systems and components. It is well-recognized that in order to achieve sustained operations on the surface of the Moon, new technologies must be deployed, especially regarding power systems, in situ resource utilization, dust mitigation, excavation and construction, and access and operations within extreme environments.

APL LSII Leadership

The JHU/APL has assembled a team of individuals to support NASA SpaceTech in their technological role to enable a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface. The JHU/APL LSII Team support includes the following activities:

  • Providing science and engineering integration expertise
  • Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium management and coordination
  • Lunar simulant analysis and portal support, and
  • Technology Research opportunity support

Laura Cosentino

LSII Project Manager


Daniel Meidenbuaer

LSII Deputy Project Manager


Wes Fuhrman



Rachel Klima

Lunar Tech & Science Advisor


Betsy Congdon

Chief Technologist


Kratina MacKay

LSII Administrator

Systems Integration Group

In their role as systems integrator, JHU/APL is facilitating access to essential engineering, research, and development capabilities in support of NASA SpaceTech goals. JHU/APL is undertaking technical analyses and other engineering support to address the acquisition, technical, and operational needs of NASA SpaceTech’s LSII, and contributing to strategic activities such as technology road mapping, and the assessment of national capabilities in support of NASA’s future solicitations. Enabled by both its University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) status as well as its extensive systems engineering experience in space mission and technology development, JHU/APL is providing objective technical advice to NASA SpaceTech ensuring that objectives will be effectively achieved.

Samalis Santini De Leon

Systems Integration (SI) Lead

Joshua Cahill

Lunar Tech & Science Integrator


Becky Masterson

System Integration (SI) University Challenges

Initiative Structure

Crosscutting Capabilities