Extreme Access

The Extreme Access focus area will expand technology enabling humans and robotic systems to efficiently access, navigate, and explore previously inaccessible lunar surface and subsurface areas. To accomplish this goal, they will consider the needs of robust and sustained surface activities (such as the bulk transport of regolith), ingress, exploration, and egress ofsubsurface voids, hazard detection in all lunar environments and conditions, as well as communicating and navigating with minimal infrastructure and autonomous operations.

APL Staff

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Angela Stickle

EA Focus Area Lead

Sarah Withee

Focus Group Facilitator

Jeff Leeburn

Alice Cocoros

Stacy Teng

Danielle Mortensen

Caleb Fassett

Mario Lento


Build a community specializing in technology required to access, navigate, and explore surface and subsurface areas on the Moon. Identify areas of interest in technology development, evaluate readiness, and provide a resource for members to gain & share information, network, and discuss technology needs for lunar exploration.


Goals of the LSIC Extreme Access Focus Group (FG) include identifying critical technology gaps that pertain to robotic access, navigation, and exploration of the lunar surface and subsurface, especially previously inaccessible regions and assessing the readiness of systems and components.

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the Month 3:00 – 4:00 pm EST

Mailing List: LSIC_ExtremeAccess@listserv.jhuapl.edu

Extreme Access Wiki: https://lsic-wiki.jhuapl.edu/display/EA

Technology Spotlight Coordination and LSIC Co-lead: Sarah Withee (APL)

Subgroup Coordination and Strategy: Alice Cocoros (APL)

LSIC EA Subgroup Leadership

Position Navigation & TimingSarah Withee (APL) / Marshall Eubanks (Space Initiatives, Inc.)
Communications TechnologySam Peterson (Swedish Space Corp) / Konrad Nieradka
Mobility TechnologyManeesh Verma (Stellar Space Industries) / Kevin Kempton (NASA)
TRN TechnologyIke Witte (APL)

LSIC EA Subgroups

We have 4 standing subgroups, and also the potential for ad-hoc subgroups. Each subgroup has a wiki page on the internal LSIC confluence site with meeting notes and additional information.

Standing subgroup descriptions:

  • Communications:
    • Determine the suitability of different communication technologies available for various lunar environments
    • Identify which technology demonstrations are necessary and which are planned to raise the TRL of various technologies
    • Examine current planned mission communication solutions
  • Mobility:
    • Establish current state of mobility technologies being used on missions
    • Identify needs and potential solutions of future missions
    • Produce technology development map for different types of missions, focusing on different types of mobile platforms and conops
  • Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT):
    • Determine suitability of different PNT technologies for specific environments
    • Evaluate what technology demonstrations will be necessary to raise the TRL of PNT sensors and systems
  • Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN):
    • Collect and share TRN strategies being used on different missions
    • Discuss gaps and needs related to datasets, hardware and software issues, mapping and analysis tools, and terrain rendering tools

LSIC EA Subgroup Leadership & Schedule

SubgroupLead/DeputyMeeting Time
Position Navigation & TimingSarah Withee (APL) / Marshall Eubanks (Space Initiatives, Inc.)3rd Thursday of the month, 3 pm ET
Communications TechnologySam Peterson (Swedish Space Corp) / Konrad Nieradka3rd Wednesday of the month, 4pm ET
Mobility TechnologyManeesh Verma (Stellar Space Industries) / Kevin Kempton (NASA)Last Thursday of the month, 1 pm ET
TRN TechnologyIke Witte (APL)-
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The kickoff telecon for the Extreme Access Focus Group was held on Thursday, June 18.

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