Excavation and Construction - Monthly FG

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Venue: Virtual

We will kick of this year with a presentation on an important NASA project, Moon-to-Mars Planetary Autonomous Construction Technology (MMPACT), by Dr. Corky Clinton who is the PI of this project. The title of the presentation is ‘Overview of NASA’s MMPACT project and Demonstration & Qualification Missions Concepts’ Corky will start by tracing this work to the Artemis program and a top level overview of STMD support for exploration technologies. Next, he will spend some time talking about the MMPACT project. He will, for the first time, present preliminary plans for the demonstration and qualification missions to lunar surface. He will also give a brief intro of the Outfitting element and some challenges in this regard. We will also provide updates on LSIC and our E&C focus group. See the Confluence link above for more details.

Keynote address by

Dr. Corky Clinton

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Time: EST

Location: Virtual

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For issues connecting, please contact Andrea Harman at ams573@alumni.psu.edu.