2023 LSIC Fall Meeting

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 -Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Venue: Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA & Hybrid

Featured Speakers

Prasun Desai

NASA Acting STMD Associate Administrator


A.C. Charania

NASA Chief Technologist


Niki Werkheiser

Director of Technology Maturation, NASA STMD


Phil Root

Strategic Technology Office, DARPA


Walt Engelund

Dep. Assoc. Admin. for Programs, NASA STMD


Event Recordings (Partial):

Day 1 (Oct. 10th, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm): https://youtube.com/live/6MCpsR0G5mk?feature=share 

Day 2 (Oct. 11th, 9:30 am - 12:05 pm): https://youtube.com/live/vITTeicrl-w?feature=share 

Meeting Forum (In-Person):

Community College of Allegheny County

Foerster Student Service Center

808 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Meeting Overview:

The LSIC 2023 Fall Meeting will be held October 10th -11th at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), just down the road from Astrobotic (https://www.astrobotic.com/) and the Moonshot Museum (https://moonshotmuseum.org/). The focus will be on the United States, NASA, and Space Tech's vision for enabling the development of resilient lunar infrastructure at the South Pole of the Moon during Artemis.

 Day 1 Keynote Speaker:

  •  Prasun Desai, Acting Associate Administrator in the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

Day 1 Announcement Shared by:

  • Walter Engelund, Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs in the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

  • Niki Werkheiser, Director of Technology Maturation, NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

Day 2 Keynote Speaker:

  • A.C. Charania, NASA Chief Technologist

Day 2 Announcement Shared by:

  • Phil Root, Director Strategic Technology Office, DARPA

Panels, discussions, and working sessions will include topics such as minimum viable infrastructure, tele-robotics, autonomous robotics and activities, repurposing/re-using initial materials for evolving lunar infrastructure, and/or keeping tabs on technical systems health. 

LSIC's meetings focus on understanding NASA's plans and technology investments relevant to building a sustained presence on the lunar surface. This year's Fall Meeting will include invited speakers, panels, posters, and breakout sessions. We invite abstracts from the community describing technical capabilities within the LSIC focus areas and working groups, as well as those that identify lunar surface technology needs and assess the readiness of relative systems and components. Other topics of interest include testing maintenance routines at lunar proving grounds, gradually increasing robotic autonomy while interacting with humans, defining the parameters and constraints of the architecture required to support a sustained presence on the lunar surface, as well as economic and policy considerations. 

Abstracts submission is now closed.

Peripheral Activities

There will be a Networking Reception during the evening (6:30 pm) of Day 1 (Oct. 10th) hosted by the Moonshot Museum, Astrobotic, and the Keystone Space Collaborative. Tours will also be available of the Moonshot Museum and at some of Carnegie Mellon University’s labs yielding lunar surface technologies (e.g., the Iris and MoonRanger rovers, their development high bay and Moon Yard, as well as their Mission Control and clean room). Times are identified during Registration.

Also, plan to join us for a 3rd day for the Transition to Commercial Lunar Operations Workshop (October 12th) also at CCAC. You can find further details at: https://lsic.jhuapl.edu/Events/Agenda/index.php?id=478. Both meeting webpages will lead to the same registration interface (once open), where you may register for the LSIC Fall Meeting, the Transition to Commercial Lunar Operations Workshop, or BOTH!

Additional Information

Please see the Logistical Resources document on the right sidebar of this page. It provides details on the Meeting site, Parking, Hotels, maps, transit distances, etc.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Location: Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA & Hybrid

In-Person Registration is now CLOSED, Virtual Registration is now CLOSED

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