Hosting an LSIC Fall Meeting

Is your institution interested in hosting a future LSIC Fall Meeting? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Please review the meeting needs for each area and respond to the questions below as they pertain to your prospective site. An LSIC representative will respond to you within ~1 month of your submission to let you know whether your location is appropriate, if we need more information, and/or what timeframe you are under consideration for. Applications must be received by 14 February to be considered for the Fall Meeting of 2023.

Selection of Fall Meeting Host in 2022 and Subsequent Years

The potential host application needs to affirm that the host meets the criteria below and include a short statement about desired technical focus and/or items they would like to highlight by hosting the meeting at their institution. Selection of the host site will be made toward the end of April. Any proposals received after the deadline will be held for a future opportunity.

Potential Meeting Location

The potential hosting institution should propose a meeting locality and facility within range (30 miles) of a national airport (as defined by:

Initial Point of Contact

Meeting Venue Requirements

Venue must:

  • Allow a capacity of 100 people while adhering to COVID protocols, or 300 people if COVID protocols are deemed unnecessary by LSIC Leadership
  • At least three (ideally six) breakout rooms capable of holding up to 25 attendees each
  • Have knowledgeable technical staff supported and willing to work collaboratively with LSIC, APL, and NASA staff to run the host facility equipment
  • Provide access to dining options for in-meeting meals
  • Hosting institution must identify a meeting facility site that is technologically capable of hosting the LSIC Meeting in a Hybrid (in person and virtual) format.
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection (i.e., wifi)
  • Speaker system supports a dual feed into both in-room and virtual audio
  • One or more main speaker podium(ia) per conference room furnished with computer and microphone
  • Seating, tables, and microphones for multiple speakers to participate in panels
  • Projector and screens for remote speaker participation
  • Zoom installed on relevant meeting computers
  • Meeting technician who is familiar with event hardware and Zoom setup

Lodging Available

The potential host location should support hotels or housing accommodations for up to 250 attendees preferably within a ~10 to 15 minute walking distance, but at least within a 20 minutes driving time of the event site, with at least some portion of lodging options available at the government rate.

Demonstration of Benefit to LSIC Community

The institution applying to be host needs to identify and list additional LSIC, or potential, member institutions that would benefit from site visits by NASA, LSII/LSIC personnel, and potentially LSIC community (if member institution desires the option) either before, the day of, or after the meeting.

Other Comments